It is possible to get rid of visceral excess fat much easier than you might think. It could be as easy as eating one fruit per day due to its high level of flavanol or fibre. This fruit is associated with lower blood sugar, which reduces insulin resistance and speeds up belly fat loss.

Visceral fat is a complicated type of fat often referred to as belly fat. It is located near many vital organs. This is the problem. This type of fat can have a significant impact on one’s appearance and overall health. A simple fruit is the best way to reduce visceral fat, and reduce your risk of developing serious diseases.

Flavonoids and fibers found in apples are good for burning belly fat.Pectin fiber is a particularly important ingredient. It breaks down slowly. The fibres in apples promote satiety, which means that people will feel fuller longer.Apples are also low in calories and sugar, making them a great choice for weight loss.

Flavanols for burning belly fat

Researchers examined whether there was a link between body fat and flavonoid intake in identical twins. Researchers discovered that twins with higher intakes of flavanol-rich foods had lower central body fat levels than those who ate less.

Animal research has shown that flavanols in plant foods can prevent body fat gain by increasing calorie-burning and fat absorption.