WELL-being fluctuations are normal. However, if you lose a lot of weight quickly, you will likely have sagging skin. These are the three things that you can do to eliminate loose skin.

Nearly half of all people gained weight from the pandemic. However, others have lost weight and slimmed down. People who have lost a lot of weight may find their skin sagging. Transform Hospital Group saw an increase in enquiries for abdominoplasty by 465 percent during lockdown. Arm lifts saw a 283percent increase, and thigh lift inquiries increased by 156 per cent for those looking to reduce excess skin and tighten their bodies. We chatted to Mr Mabroor Bhatty, Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon at Transform Hospital Group (THG), to find out why sagging skin can occur and the three things that can be done to help.

Loose skin is a problem that can cause discomfort and affect confidence, appearance, and quality of life.

It is possible to lose significant weight quickly, however.

Mr Bhatty stated that collagen and elastin are a large part of the skin’s structure.

“Collagen improves the skin’s texture and firmness, while elastin helps the skin stay tight.

However, as we gain weight, our skin grows. The collagen and elastin fibres may become damaged if stretched for long periods of time.

This can be a sign that the skin becomes hungrier after someone loses significant weight.

Some people who lose a lot of weight won’t have loose skin. You can lose your skin due to weight loss. These are:

  • How long someone has been overweight. This causes the skin to stretch for a longer time.
  • The weight you lose – severe weight loss can cause more sagging skin than small weight losses.
  • Age is a factor as older skin tends have less collagen than that of younger skin
  • Genetics can have an impact on how your skin reacts to weight loss or gain.
  • Sun exposure can cause skin to lose collagen and elastin.
  • Lifestyle factors like smoking – smoking can cause a decrease in collagen production

If you are overweight, losing weight is an easy way to lose weight and feel more confident.

Many people are disappointed when their skin isn’t as tight as they would like.

Mr Bhatty stated that while losing weight is an excellent way to improve your health and decrease the risk of developing other diseases such as diabetes or cancer, having loose skin can cause problems.

“It can cause physical discomfort for some people, but it can also lead people to be less active due to their skin becoming incontinence.

“Others may also experience skin irritations or infections between their skin folds, so it’s a real problem.”

These are the three things that you can do to reduce loose skin

There are many things you can do that will reduce loose skin.

Mr. Bhatty stated that “The good news about people is that they don’t have to suffer in silence. There are many things that can be done to help them.”

You can start by making lifestyle changes to improve your skin’s appearance.

Expert said that strength training and exercise can build muscle mass and improve skin appearance. Additionally, staying hydrated is important and can be combined with eating lots of fruits and vegetables to help skin look healthy.

“However, exercise is not going to fix skin that has lost its elasticity.”

There are three types of surgical procedures that can help you, in addition to lifestyle changes.

Mr Bhatty stated that there are many surgical procedures and body contouring techniques that can be used to combat this.

“At Transform Hospital Group, we offer a variety of treatments and procedures. We work with each person to achieve their goals.”

There are three options:

Tummy tucks

A tummy tuck (also known as an abdominoplasty) is a procedure that gives you a firmer, smoother stomach.

This can be beneficial for those who are unhappy with their stomach shape after losing significant weight.


Some people may notice a change in the appearance of their skin after significant weight loss.

These areas can be tightened by surgery to create a more contoured and smoother shape. This includes removing excess skin, smoothing out tissue, and reducing fat.


Collagen Induction Therapy is also known by Microneedling.

This is a minimally invasive procedure that enhances skin texture and stimulates collagen and elastin formation through tiny holes in the skin.

The skin solution is then tailored to your needs.